Sign Up begins at 11am Sunday – First Come First Served – 75 applicants will be taken


Cosplay Categories:

Novice:   Beginner competitor.

Journeyman:  More practiced competitor.

Master:  Well-practiced competitor, this is the top class.

Child:  Ages 13 and under.

Group:  Any more than (1) competitor.


Cosplay Policies

•Any real weapons are banned in the event area, functional or not.

•No explosives or fireworks of any kind.

•All Cosplayers are subject to inspection by event personnel, event security and/or police and must be approved before admittance to event.

•Do not bring any item(s) that could violate city, state, or federal law.

•No props, costume or accessory will receive pre-approval, all patrons will be inspected on site.

•Any patron not willing to be inspected will be ejected from venue.

•Weapons made of foam and cardboard are acceptable. Prop firearms are allowed provided they have bright tips and are subject to full inspection. Prop bows must have arrows with no tips and string may not be tightened.

All props, cosplay costumes and accessories will be deemed agreeable at the sole discretion of event staff to include security personnel and/or police.

Any cosplayer with prop weapons will receive an approved wristband noting that their prop is approved and must wear wristband while attending event.