Big Lick Comic Con returns in 2021

Unfortunately due to the current restrictions on gatherings and current state of COVID 19 in Virginia we will not be able to host Big Lick Comic Con for February 13-14 2021. It breaks our hearts, truly. However, we do believe the situation will improve over the next year and are confirmed for August 7-8 2021 at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, VA.
Being able to see you all this past fall was exactly what we needed, to be reminded of how strong, responsible and committed we all are to this community.
We miss you and we’re so grateful. We hope over these coming months you know we will continue to work day and night to bring you another event to remember.
Let’s all do our part to be positive. To support small businesses. To reach out to friends and family daily and check on each other. To be considerate of others. We can do this, if we do this together.
Thank you to our exhibitors, vendors, guests, staff, venue, amazing sponsor Bank of Botetourt and you for all you do, because of you we will be back.
On a positive note - myself and my brother Adam’s new comic shop, Big Lick Comics is right on schedule for a spring 2021 opening here in Roanoke. So know that our comic and pop culture community continues to endure and grow because of your support and inspiration.
Happy holidays and love to you all.
JD Sutphin
Owner - Creative Director
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